UGTV - Orlando unleashed!

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User Group Television (UGTV pronounced YOU GEE TEE VEE) is a monthly video show dedicated to bringing informative programming to User Groups. July's show includes your favorite anchors suffering under the Florida heat and humidity to bring the best user group highlights from TechEd Orlando 2008 right to your desktop!  Highlights include "A Night Out" with Developer User Group Leaders and a demo with John Martin (STO) on the new search capabilities on MSDN and new forums technologies. UGTV is hosted by Michelle Fleming Toure and Alan le Marquand. Got Feedback? Email Got Ideas? Email



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The Discussion

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    information how i organization can benefit from it but  fist thing i have to say thank you  very much for help  me and i know i do olost of worng thing please for get for me
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    That party was fun Smiley
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    Absolut Deno
    Russ Bastino?  Last time I checked his last name was Fustino.  Maybe the editors of this Channel9 video should make sure they get the spellings of MSFT employees' names correct *snicker* Smiley

    Who's that idiot in the cut up shirt on stage?  They shouldn't show any of that guy...

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