Geeks on Peaks - Microsoft Mount Logan Climb

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I just received an email from Larry Larsen who is on his way to Mount Logan to begin our coverage of Geeks On Peaks.  Larry has just checked into Whitehorse, Canada on his way to the base camp for the climb.

For this expedition our plan was to use all consumer-level gear for the technology. Ideally, the main computer for the climb was going to be an OQO2. The problem is that hard drive heads tend to lie down on the platters after 10,000 feet. So by 19,551 feet the computer might be worthless. So instead we're using a Sony Vaio UX, the new handheld micro-computer, loaned to us by the UMPC team at Microsoft.  The nice thing about the Sony UX is that it doesn't have a hard drive. It uses a 32GB flash drive instead.

You can follow along over on Summits of Canada via Live Maps and Larry will be uploading coverage as soon as possible.

Good luck Larry and be safe!

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