Meet Our New 10 Team Mate

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The Discussion

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    Brandon LeBlanc

    Congrats Larry - awesome video, awesome skills, and awesome home office!

    I look forward to seeing the kind of content you have up your sleeve for Microsoft 10!

    - Brandon

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    Matthew Mushall

    Wow, that's an impressive home office, let alone a video resume.  I think you've got a winner.  Now, let's see what he can do. Smiley

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    Ted Bracewell

    Welcome aboard!

    /me runs off and sends you a xbox live friend request...

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    Terry Dwayne Redd

    Well when your right you are right. Larry is very qualified for the job...but My Tank is Fight!

    In all seriousness though congrats on the job and you score major coolness for having such a sweet office. I dunno about the harddrives in the restroom though, that would hurt if they fell.

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    Chris Allen

    Congrats Larry and great video resume by the way. I look forward to seeing your contributions to the 10 team...

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