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    I applied. I already had a resume on file over yonder. Sounds like a fun thing to do. Need a change of pace.

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    Matthew Mushall

    While I'd certainly love to be part of the 10 team, directing and managing content is not my speciality.  I'm a visual arts major, and I'm slowly moving into video editing, so I'm not really what you have in mind.

    However...I have a few suggestions about content.  Continue focusing on medical and environmental technology.  I also want to see some agrocultural technology on the show.  What could be better than Laura and Tina on a farm?!  The Dreamliner segment Tina covered was great, so transportation tech, including naval, is obviously a good subject.  Computers and gaming go without saying.

    Should 10 require a visual artist/stylist and production assistant...I'm your man.  At least, Maxwell or myself anyway. Smiley

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    Benjamin Gauthey

    I'm already in France Wink

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    "Lethal G3cko"


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    In relation to how many viewers come to Channel 9 ---- How come 10.net doesn't post the # of views for a video?

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    If you look to the right of videos down below a bit you'll see that we don't post the number of views for blog entries and forum threads.

    In our upcoming release you'll see it a bit more in your face.  Wink

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    I think Eric meant to say that we "do" post the views, down to the right as mentioned Smiley
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    Whoops, yes, that's true...

    But I think Duncan meant to say "Erik".  Wink

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    Could you send me an email, following the instructions in the video?


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    I actually didn't, I applied after reading the job description on the MS website, but after I saw your video, I realized that the job is somewhat different from what I expected. I'm looking more for a strategic leadership role rather than a technical one.

    Sorry about that! (and if the sites supported PMs, I would have used that to send you a note)

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    Brad Hardman

    Whoa. Cool sounding job!

    I don't know if I'd be cool enough for something like that. Especially if it didn't pay well...then I am most definitely not cool enough! Wink

    "...tell me about an interesting problem you solved with technology?"

    Hmmm, I'm gonna have to think about that one. I just don't think "I used Photoshop to erase the zit on my cheek from all of my wedding photos" is really gonna impress you folks that much.

    Still, you all have something really cool here that has the potential to become something really big. As they say: Nothing ventured, nothing gained...

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    Barry Hawkey

    I sent in an e-mail and my resume - and I just found typo!  Gosh darn it, I went over and over that thing.  I'm such a failure! Smiley

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    I don't think I would make it past your gate keepers.

    If I were to interview, I am sure concepts for applications would interest your team.

    1999 I had contacted the Aero team from Compaq about using excel on the handheld planner.  They said it was getting talked about in R&D.  Pocket PC.




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