What is 10?

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10 is a place for people who want to use technology to change the world.

Every weekday at 10:00 am (PST) we’ll update 10 with a new video that highlights people, their passions and often the technology they are using. At the end of each week we compile these segments into a full length show that includes some extra surprises you won’t see in the daily episodes.

In addition to the show, we're also launching a numberof blogs with more on the way. These will cover a wide range of topics are written by Microsoft employees, members of the 10 community or a mixture of both. Our focus is not on products, but on scenarios and interest areas. Some examples of these area will be health, education, design, music, games, and film.

Our dream is that these areas will grow into places for people interested in helping make the world a better place through the application of technology.

There are a few guiding principles we have for 10:

1. Create a place for people who want to use technology to change the world.
2. Bring a voice to the underdog through our content giving audience to people who may not have one already.
3. Deliver content on 10 that excites, inspires and has you returning each day wondering will be on 10.

10 will always be changing and adjusting as we're experimenting with a number of styles and formats. We’re looking for your feedback to see what you like best, can’t stand and adjusting it all in real time. What would you like to see?

Spooky eh? Smiley

Welcome to the beginning of 10. The next step starts with you!


The Discussion

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    look a good website.

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    Thanks for going to all the work to do a trackback... sorry it was so difficult. Normally, as far as I understand it... trackbacks are done automatically by your blogging software (and the software needs it to be in that rdf block you found). The need for a real person to be able to find a trackback link was not something I had thought of.

    Doesn't blogger support doing trackbacks for you?

    If it helps, it will always be the entry URL + /trackback.aspx ...

    As far as the 1000 character limit... we are working on increasing that on a per blog level, so that we can bump it way up on this News blog and the Education blog, etc...

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