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Lots of fun stuff happening at MIX this week.  One highlight was a conversation between Tim O'Reilly and Bill Gates at the end of Bill's keynote on Monday. 

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The Discussion

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    i've never seen bill so excited, and he cares about users!? holy (I need to watch my language)!
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    very awesome.  i love that idea of buying a phone at it automatically (or after some sort of authentication process) gets customized to your needs and interests.

    but since when did bill not care about users?  isn't that what the company is about?

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    am i the only who noticed that Bill gives Apple the middle finger at 18:25?
    He's talking about the Apple profit model and is subconciously giving Apple the finger.
    scroll and find out for yourself
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    I thought he was giving O'Reilly the middle finger for all his stupid boring questions...
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    I think Bill is SO excited unable to think of his own gesture.Smiley
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    Great conversation!  Neat to see Mr. Gates enthusiasm too..very informative as well!
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    Bill has a new york twang? Sounds Bronx like.

    Public speaking doesn't really suite him in my view, from the videos I've watched., atleast on a techie level - he comes accross as very self-conscious of being over technical but not being geeky enough.
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    Very good conversation. Bill was very good. But themes all the same. Too much water...
    They need more questions
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    Nice Q&A session, wonderfull to see how mr gates is able to again give such an amazing overview of his or the organizations idea. This is not something he is making up to sound good, he really believes it. Not only seeing it happening, but making it happen.

    It's amazing to think that he is a person with no real need to work for human survival, but still he works a lot at a very high level to get the technical ideas and think of the business aspect behind them and put them all in to context.

    Just one question, in the live stream from the keynote he had some white thing in his hand which he was holding like it was an deck of cards, readdy to start playing poker. It looked like some sort of next generation ipod mini looking device.

    What did he do with that device? was it to foward the slides or did it function as something else?

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    Nice Smiley

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    :O it's amazing that so little reply to this video.
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    I thought the same (only 11?) and I haven't even watched it yet hehe

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    Microsoft employees in Vista revolt

    Bring me the head of Monkey Boy

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    Big Smile Awesome Video. I would give  apple the finger to. Bill better care about users.

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    you folks must not see bill very often.  he always seems excited when he talks about technology of the future.  especially if you get him started on education or speech recognition.  he's got such great visions for just those 2 things, he could probably have a whole conference on just those 2 subjects.
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    Unfortunately all of my pics of Bill from the keynote came out blurry! Sad

    I really enjoyed myself at MIX and learned a lot more than I thought I would.  The discussion panels were interesting.  The go live license for Atlas is really great.  There was a real mix of people designers/developers/businesspeople.

    Oh, and Microsoft knows how to throw a party!
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    Yeah I noticed the same thing! :O
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    The small white thing that Bill was holding was a new mobile phone. He referred to it during the keynote part of the speech, maybe about halfway through.

    I was at MIX06 and overall was impressed by the content.

    During Bill's presentation I was concerned to hear about the possibility of multiple IE updates per year. His answer to my question on this point didn't reassure me.

    I understand that to Microsoft, IE is more than just a rendering engine. But if we're presenting applications via browsers and we need to support multiple browsers (which we do), then the rendering engine is key. Hearing that this part might change on a frequent basis gives me some cause for concern.

    At the same time, I don't expect this will happen for a few years, and we could see many other browser changes by then.
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    "But if we're presenting applications via browsers and we need to support multiple browsers (which we do), then the rendering engine is key. Hearing that this part might change on a frequent basis gives me some cause for concern."

    Listen again to his responce (around 30 mins in). "The platform rendering piece that will be far far more stable". It seems changes to the rendering model are going to be very slight and far between. It shouldn't be too much of a problem.
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    I too thought that white box was a deck of cards... but it wasn't a phone either.  I can assure you it was a switcher thing to advance to the next slide.  It must have been his cue-cards though because he had no powerpoint thing going on.
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    Dude, am I the only one here who thinks Bill Gates doesn't "GET" some of the concepts O'Reilly is throwing at him?  Did anybody alse get that feeling?
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    Dude, for Gates, there's like a $54 Billion dollar gap between whats going on at M$ and Gates understanding of it.  It's been a long time since he was actully in the trenches.

    Now he just gets the high-level, one liners memos.


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    Where is the download?
    Are we ever actually going to get it?

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