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Pat Helland - Sings Bye Bye to Mr CIO Guy


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  • WMV (WMV Video)

What do you get when Pat Helland is on vocals, Don Box is on guitar and David Chappell is on piano? 

You get a hilarious song direct from TechEd Europe. 

Pat sings his version of Don McClean's American Pie

The lyrics were written by Pat in response to Nicholas Carr’s Harvard Business Review paper “IT Doesn’t Matter” in which Mr. Carr proposes that businesses reconsider their IT investments.  Pat says this is not the vision he sees for the future, but rather what is implied by reducing the investment in IT as proposed by Mr. Carr.  This is a “speculative retrospective” in which we examine what happened “The Day That IT Died”.  

For some of Pat’s technical work, please see www.pathelland.com


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  • phunky_avocadophunky_avoc​ado Dude! It's the (grilled) cheese.
    I don't know if I should laugh or if I should cry.
  • smartguysmartguy The Raw?
    Ok. I just had to leave a comment on this with my new ibook.
    lOl . Just listen to the words.
  • Stitch 2.0Stitch 2.0 I can feel my brain cells commiting hara-kiri.
    *getting back up from the floor, still laughing*

    OK, this was cool!!! Well done, Pat!!

    Any chance we could get a transcript of the lyrics??
  • MrMilneyMrMilney persona non grata

    That is by far the coolest / geekiest / weirdest / bravest / most entertaining thing I have seen in a long, long time! Thanks to all involved and to Jeff for posting it.

  • Wow, that was very entertaining. I can't get it out of my head now. I can picture it now...a compilation CD from Microsoft of employees singing geeky parody songs. Woot.
  • Dr. ShimDr. Shim Inaniloquent monomathical people inlapidate me.
    (Dr. Shim breaks up crying.)

    Viva la internet!!
  • rjdohnertrjdohnert You will never know success until you know failure

    " I don't know if I should laugh or if I should cry."

    I did both.  Next time they may want to let Don sing.  This wasnt american Idol and I did think it was funny as hell.

  • great songs. another nice entertainment source for us (.net developers) in the middle of producing complex logic code for CLR 24-hours X 365 days.

    well done!

  • ZippyVZippyV Fired Up

    Longest song I have ever heard and very good.

  • I love it! Microsoft should release a CD, it would top the Top 10 Smiley

    Very long song, very good and funny Big Smile
  • iStationiStation Fuujin
    Encore for IT bubble again. ;P
  • hmmm for some mysterious reason I don't get sound on this one, which defeats the purpose of the movie. All the other movies work fine.
  • ethanethan .::The right place to be::.
    Does this song become the Channel9 anthem? lol
    To be serious, it's very well!! These guys have so much skills!!! impressive!
  • DevHawkDevHawk Passion * Technology * Ruthless Competence
    I posted the Mr. CIO Guy Lyrics on my MSDN Blog. Enjoy!
  • Chris PietschmannCRPietschma​nn Chris Pietschmann
    Now that's just hilarious!
  • csellscsells Longhorn Boy

    I've seen a bunch of IT-related parodies (both songs and poems), but 6 verses that make sense is amazing (as evidenced by the audience clapping along). Looks like Pat has a nice little back-up career as the new economy Weird Al whenever he wants. : )

  • Bravo! Bravo! (single space)
  • Stevan VeselinovicSteve411 Me, all suited up!
      I love this song, hahaha! As said above this should be the channel9 anthom! It is awesome! haha
      I started singing with it then I cried because it was so funny hahahahha! Need some more songs like this! haha
    Bye, Bye Mr. CIO-Guy,
    Gonna outsource every resource ‘til the business runs dry.

  • Jeremy WJeremy W that blogging guy
    Gah! You bastards! You really could have used drums Wink Well done everyone!
  • pkanabospkanabos SuperGenious
    Excellent! Is there any way I can download the video so I can show it to others?
  • CiderCider Daze-d & Confused
    Excellent stuff.

    I have just got back from Tech Ed Europe (I'll post some more thoughts on that later) but unfortunately I went to a different session when he did that.

    He's a hell of a character is Pat Helland.  By the Friday, I ended up in a session featuring Pat dressed as a Wizard/Fortune Teller.  Funny stuff too.

    Oh, and you didn't want to hear more drums.  You heard enough drums at Tech Ed as they were giving them out at the Keynote!
  • lennlenn Fo' Shizzle
    pkanabos wrote:
    Excellent! Is there any way I can download the video so I can show it to others?

    No unfortunately the rights that we have negotiated with the record company who owns the original song only covers online streaming, no downloads.  Sorry.
  • love it Big Smile

    great stuff, next step should be T-Shirts with the above already quoted statement Big Smile yeha....
  • Stitch 2.0Stitch 2.0 I can feel my brain cells commiting hara-kiri.
    DevHawk wrote:
    I posted the Mr. CIO Guy Lyrics on my MSDN Blog. Enjoy!

    Cool!!! Thanks a lot!! I definitly support the request for this song to become tho "official" Channel 9 anthem as stated by ethan!!!
  • outofcoffeeoutofcoffee 'ello cheeky
    I second that Smiley
    Sticks in your head, doesn't it!

  • This is just brilliant. Its great to see someone at MS that doesn't take themselves too seriously to do something like this. And the lyrics and performance was just... teriffic. Well done Pat. I think your HR dept. should take you out to lunch. This video will attract the right types of folks to come look at MS IMO. Antonio
  • r_keith_hillr_keith_hill ktm250
    Bravo! Bravo!  That takes big cahones.  Those kind of ideas either really go off big or bomb big time.  Well done.
  • RhelicRhelic Drink up, life is short

    Cool?  Funny?

    Ugh, listening to that was murder.  But maybe because my wife is a vocal coach and Pat's vibrato was killing me.

    As far as content, I guess it could be funny but his execution wasn't right.  Weak at best.

  • I saw this song live at Tech-Ed. You should see all those people with their jaws on the floor Smiley Pat, this was amazing Big Smile Nerd, suit and FT also kicked *.
  • Laugh or cry, geekiest or weirdest ...

    You haven't seen nothing, if you missed The Nerd, the Suit and The Fortune Teller at TechEd in Amsterdam. That session was unbelievable ...
  • lennlenn Fo' Shizzle
    Tell me more about The Nerd, the Suit, and The Fortune Teller ...

    It may have been filmed and I can get a copy perhaps for C9.

    What was it about and why was it so funny?
  • lenn wrote:
    Tell me more about The Nerd, the Suit, and The Fortune Teller ...


    What was it about and why was it so funny?

    It was about nerd, suit and fortune teller Smiley Seriously, Pat Helland, Rafal Lukawiecki and Clemens Vasters did great performance about business, IT and how SOA applies to it. Pat was dressed like a wizard from Tolkien's stories and other guys also did their parts well. They talked about the future of business in respect to SOA and how nerd and the suit will benefit from it.
    I think that it was filmed and Pat promised to put the video on his site - unfortunatellu it's actually down.
  • ChrisGartyChrisGarty Make a difference

    They put some serious effort into those lyrics.

    Carl from DotNetRocks has some competition Wink

  • WilWil Wil
    And remember the previous instance in which we feared that IT was history?  Shall we join in a chorus of "Millenium Pie"?  Read the lyrics at http://www.haveagoodlaugh.com/Millennium%20Pie.htm

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