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    Well... frankly, I don't like it.


    Don't undestand why every website today must wear that "social network"-looking themes. It reminds me of Youtube mixed with Facebook.


    "Good ol' C9" has always got a unique personality and I think that this is what makes it different.

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    1,000,000 kudos for a pinned video player! Now if you could only convince every other video site to do the same Tongue Out It is 2010... people have more than one monitor!!!

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    Mr Crash

    It's messy, where did the "good user experience" go ? out the window ?  Devil

    by the way: why did c9 need an upgrade ? i think it is fine as it is now

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    I like it. Some might complain it's too much like a social networking site. Info is the same and that;s what I come here for!

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    looking at it again ... i will say that the c9 guy looks ...blurry?


    (not pixel crisp - like now)



     edit: layout is fine (ill relearn it)  but the 9 guy and even the wording "Channel 9"  brand    um....   im here if you need Tongue Out




    * there should be VOTES on c9 logos and wordmarks...  id love to submit.... 10  Wink



    edit:  no... 9!



    edit 2:  * i thought the new logo would be there... and while that might not appeal to everyone ... it was made by a user... and its 2d (not 3d) and its a change ... but its still ... c9guy (and believe me... i KNOW c9 guy) Wink


    anyway... good luck...  Im a leo ... i love orange and red and gold...


    ..and TEAL win95! Tongue Out


    hmmmmm   Wink

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    The logo was a real struggle. Big time challenge -- we have the one you made which we love. (we use it in the background luan for C9 Live and all sorts of places), we had the UX Team also do some new variations, but it kept taking us away from the beginning of Channel 9.

    We worried we were making such a dramatic change to the site that we wanted to keep something constant besides the content and that was our friend the 9 guy. So we created a 3d version of the popular foamy guy and have him adorning the site in the top left.




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    Much better. The current one is starting to look a little dated. My only reservation is on this: page the browse panel to the left looks as if it's been cut off where it joins the white central panel. If that makes sense. Perplexed



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    i like it Smiley feels snappy and less js heavy..

    i would like a little more visual structure though, right now i feel like the various sections on the front page sort of blend together, there is not enough visual cues indication that they are diffrent sections. perhaps some more shaded boxes similar to the msdn front page?


    also, the tag consolidation isnt done yet is it?



    there is no more "videos/screencasts/podcasts" right? all media is now a "blog entry"? i like that, but i just want to be sure.. also it seems like more filtering will be needed, but that might pan  out once the tag cloud is reduced Smiley

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    Where is the screencast section? It doesn't show under browse or tags?


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    This is really cool! I love Microsoft.

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    The full-screen pinning ROCKS!  I also like the more modern, cleaner look of the new UI.

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    Eddie Korbs

    Not very keen on the whole social network look. The old site colors worked nicely and made site stand on its on. The new site looks like everything else out there. But its the material that matters most so Cheers.

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    I don't like it is like changing the CH9 identity. And by the way I felt that I was in a Blog in the Blogger site

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    yes, don't change the old pixelated ch9 guy. I would also love a tag cloud instead of the new way of listing the tags in pages

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    Download links are cool near the video. But you should think about writing "ZuneHD, iPod" instead of "iPod, Zune HD".

    Zune HD is better, so the first place is for him Devil

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