Bill Gates brings Vista to The Daily Show

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As if it weren't already plugged into our DVR schedule, but The Daily Show will host our man BillG Monday, 29 January. There will no doubt be a lot of talk about Vista, as well as some chat about the Gates foundation. We here round the 10 reservation are hoping that MS Bob gets an honorable mention. If for some reason you can't see the proper show, then keep a weather eye on The Daily Show homepage for highlights.

The Discussion

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    Matthew Mushall

    I saw it and it was good, but what was up with Bill's practically bounding off the set at the end?  He was in a hurry to get away for sure.

    I suppose we can't complain about it.  After all, John Stewart had a blast poking fun at Bill's departure the next night.

    "For those of you watching at home last night, you may have noticed Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates quick departure.  Obviously, we edited out what really happened.  Let's have a look..."

    Bill stutters at the end, shakes John's hand and bounds off stage.  Then an error message comes up...

    "Bill Gates has encountered an error and must be shut down."

    Now, That is funny!

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    Blue Screen of Bill (BSB)...nice!

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