CeBIT ushers in fabulous Windows-powered handhelds

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New and shiny gadgets crop up all the time, but this morning there are a couple of particularly attractive ones from CeBIT that happen to be packing Windows under their coats.

First up is the Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC (no direct link here, you’ve got to enter “Q1” into their tag search). This time around your handheld touch-sensitive computing device is a bit smaller and a bit lighter, all while packing a 1024x600 pixel display, HSDPA data, and a new integrated thumb-board. The Origami category is clearly entering v2 here, and it’s looking glorious.

Also on the interwebs today a new and gorgeous toy in the form of E-Ten’s Glofiish X800. Evolving beyond the X500 (what was already the most potent Windows Mobile device without a keyboard), the X800 packs HSDPA and a video call camera in a fabulously glossy skin. Sure it’ll cost close the same amount as your little sister’s portable computer, but that’s why you save money by skipping things like protein and laundry.

[Glofiish and Q1 Ultra via Engadget]

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    That Q1 is interesting, wouldn't mind getting my hands on one.

    You folks should really do a segment at SXSW next year. If anything at least the SXSW interactive portion.

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