Fab@Home rapid prototyper and 3D Printer

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We saw this last week and it's been on our minds ever since. For the price of your next computer, you could instead buy yourself all the parts, tools, and instructions necessary to build your own Fab@Home 3D printer or 'fabber.' Also included in your kit is the software to drive your new creation.

Once you've got it fired up, your action figure collection can really begin to blossom. Imagine: a collection of esteemed chemistry professors of the 19th century!

The Discussion

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    Barry Hawkey

    Fascinating!  More info?  A link?  A video review?

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    Lord Zimbu

    Gee here I figured the best use would be making CE case/shells for your DIY iPod or Zune.

    Or a shell for your 400 gig 360 harddrive since MS isn't ready to offer one till at least xmas 2007. 

    Then again if MS is serious about robotics studio you could DYI your own Sonny or at least a vacuum bot.

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