Grass-covered buildings and other bad jokes

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The best part of April Fools is that everyone channels more of their imagination into ideas that seem ludicrous yet plausible. This is also the worst part of April Fools, and the building we have here is a perfect example. The kids at the design blog Inhabitat thought it would be hilarious to trick everyone into believing that London’s Gherkin Tower is testing vegetated façade panels. They were sure to fill the post with detail about the potential benefits; insulation, energy generation, and the air cleaning effects. Of course my question though, is why anyone wouldn’t attempt something like this? A grass-covered skyscraper isn’t nearly as humorous as a grass-covered skyscraper is an idea worth exploring.

The Discussion

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    Matthew Mushall

    Personally, I think the idea of a grass covered skyscrapper...or any other large structure covered with clean vegitation is a great idea.  I'm a little surprised no one has tried this already.

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    That's the Swiss rei building, ive seen it up close and it looks pretty cool without the grass. LS

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    Lord Zimbu

    Keeping the other windows clean would be a nightmare. Also think of the insects and birds it would attract (there's a Viva Pinata/circle of life moment).

    For all the benefits just the plumbing and maintenance, wait and keeping the surrounding area clean would outweigh (literally the panels would weigh quite a bit) the minimal benefits.

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