Greenprint for the future: Dongtan, China

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In the current issue, Douglas McGray’s “Pop-Up Cities” for Wired Magazine could be the most interesting read on the newsstands. The story follows the progress of creating an environmentally friendly city for 500,000 people on a small island across from Shanghai. Designing a complete city from scratch is usually the sort of academic exercise that civic engineers and architects go through without any hope of implementing their ideas. However because China has both the space and the demand for such developments, the Eco-city of Dongtan will be one of the most watched projects of the next couple decades. More important than it’s built-from-scratch status though is how the lead architect Alejandro Gutierrez and his team from Arup are able to leverage what is now known from centuries of civic development. The article talks about the trends and insight about building density, energy usage, flood control, and environmental symbiosis. A truly educational read.

Photo credit: Arup / Wired Magazine

The Discussion

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    Lord Zimbu

    Makes you wonder who's going to actually do the heavy lifting. Just few days ago I had blogged on the subject of who actually would do the work and how cheaply and efficiently it could be done. Indeed it will be interesting to watch this project.. if it ends up half as successful as its planners intend or if it will be the planned slum in the world. (funny that I bought the issue a few days ago but haven't gotten around to reading it.)

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    I think I have some old Sim City 2000 maps I could send them if they need some ideas. Wink
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    Nice thinking. Maybe Japanese cities have the same needs

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