HTC Touch skips the buttons and brings the cool

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Without a doubt the hottest Windows Mobile handset for the next couple months will be the HTC Touch. A 2.8 inch touch screen takes center stage, allowing you to navigate the device’s media features with your oldest and most favorite input device; your finger. The standard set of Bluetooth 2.0 with AD2P support, 802.11b/g, 2.0 megapixel camera, and microSD expansion slot are all powered by WinMo 6 professional. We’re certainly curious about how useful a device without some sort of dedicated text input will become, and when we’ve had some time with one you’ll hear our verdict.

The Discussion

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    Just like the iBrickPhone, I still don't like the idea of no keyboard.

    What I do like is that slick black skin! I need to get that...

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    Matthew Mushall

    Fancy looking telecommunications device.  I too am a little weary of devices lacking any physical keys, but that seems the way these super-slick cell phones are headed.  My Dash is sufficient for now...but I'm still wondering how to upgrade to WinMo 6 Pro.

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    Can you get one of these in the US?  I have not seen a HTC phone in the US.  They are awesome though and I want to get one!

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