Hitachi promises laptop disk encryption in 2007

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Thanks to the magic of Get Perpendicular, Hitachi hopes to ship 750GB laptop HDDs next year (2.5 inch for those keeping score at home). If that weren't enough to get our blood pumping a bit quicker, these drives will also come in hybrid flavors, which will allow for better performance and lower power consumption. Great right?

Well that's not all folks. These same hybrid disks will feature AES-based encryption. Using a key generated from your password, both the data on flash memory and the disk platters will be wrapped in a blanket of mathematics so complex...well let's just say Setec Astronomy Wink

(via Engadget)

The Discussion

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    Adam Porter

    Amazing! I have to wonder though...since the read/write current now flows through a portion of the disk, how does that not affect other bits? Hmmm....the magic voodoo of technology!

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    Dude, it was all explained in the video last year.   The bits don't stay in one place like they do on traditional hard drives, they "dance" around on the platters (disco floors) now.   Seriously, pay attention man.

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