Humanized reinvents the command line with Enso

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The basic graphical user interface serves well as the standard for computing, for many people taking a hand off the keyboard to operate a pointing device is a productivity killer. The team at Humanized has created a 21st century command line called Enso.

The first two Enso products, a launcher and a universal spell-check, both give you lightning-fast control over your daily tasks by simply typing your commands. For those of you running Vista, the Enso products currently only run on XP, though we have faith in this team to give their power to the people. Also check out Mossberg's WSJ review of Enso for more.

The Discussion

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    Adam Porter

    Oh my! I just downloaded the trial. I like it a lot! I'm a big fan of using my keyboard as must as possible [read: borderline anal about it]. So much so, that I organize and rename my start menu items so that I can access my apps with the keyboard: WindowsKey -> [P]rograms -> [O]ffice -> [W]ord....or WinKey -> [P]rograms -> [P]rogramming -> [S]QL Server -> [E]nterprise Manager. It's so much faster than clicking around with that oblong button-y thingie.

    Enso will definitely compliment and enhance this habit. Hot stuff !

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