Korea brings convergence back with the Samsung SGH-9000

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A few years back the idea of 'convergence devices' fell from grace quicker than we can say pets dot com. Lately though the idea of a new category of handheld device is hugely exciting. Naturally whenever the wind carries the scent of the future, it typically comes from Asia.

The Samsung SGH-9000 comes armed with a 5-inch lcd, folding qwerty keyboard, and a 30 gig drive. Add EV-DO, WiMAX, bluetooth, and a camera and you've got quite an immaculate device. Oh and to top it all of this thing folds up into a neat little package. Who wants to move to Seoul?

The Discussion

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    Barry Hawkey

    Wow - that thing looks awesome.  Any more info on it?  Google didn't give me anything, and it didn't come up when I searched Samsung.com. 

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    JD Lewin

    Thanks for the reminder. I added a link to Samsung's press release, which has got more data.

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    wow that looks very cool.LS

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    I haff to keep fowlding...

    Nigel Tufnel does not approve.

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