Looking beyond Vista: Fiji, Vienna, and Ford?

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Sure we're all very excited for the consumer launch of Windows Vista. Whether you love or hate the next version of the OS, we think you'll agree it'll be nice to stop hearing, "it's coming!" Some interesting stories are starting to push through about what's around the next corner.

Two potential upcoming versions of Windows, Fiji and Vienna, have stoked the fires of anticipation all over again. The Fiji codename seems well-chosen for its idyllic potential. With the possible inclusion of WinFS for saved search folders, better media center integration with Windows Live Services, and more of the original (and gorgeous) UI that was promised for Vista, Fiji could be a very nice place to live.

Windows Vienna, which contains enough new ideas to choke on, is almost certainly years away. A completely rethought UI (think no start menu), integral speech recognition, and the possible end of caring about drives or folders are rumored to be in the cards. This could be the OS to make up for the conspicuous absence of jetpacks.

Finally, in a more tangible albeit expensive upgrade, it's expected that Ford (FoMoCo) will announce Microsoft software in their 2007 vehicles. Having your wheels understand the concepts of MP3 players and Bluetooth phones should make the traffic a bit easier to bear. We're going to have our first car review on 10 this year, promise.

Fiji and Vienna (via OSNews)
Ford cars (via OSNews)

The Discussion

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    Vienna in automobils maybe? that way the driver doesnt get their hands tied up with having to push buttons.  =)  im looking forward to seeing all the cool stuff 10 will have to show in the next coming weeks!

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    Matthew Mushall

    Windows software in automobiles?  Far out!  Wait a minute...does this mean I can expect my car to crash at least once a day?

    Sorry, I couldn't resist that one.

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    I think that still has more to do with who is driving it and how they are driving it. =)

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    Brandon Paddock

    Jesse - everything in that post about "Fiji" and "Vienna" is completely fake. 

    It's probably not a good idea to talk about as if it were real on a Microsoft site (lest it confuse people who might think it's real).

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    Adam Porter

    Uh...Vista is barely out as it is, so why WOULD Fiji (let alone Vienna) be anywhere on a Microsoft site yet?

    Besides, I think Jesse clearly notes that these alleged features are still only rumors ("possible inclusion" and "rumored to be in the cards" are the tip-offs, to me).

    Just curious...do we have evidence that it's fake, yet? Do tell! Wink

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