Microsoft could acquire Yahoo: What do you think?

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    I think it would be a great organistation... With Yahsoft manageing the developing countries where MSN has not targeted, while Microhoo Tongue Out  will do what it does best software and buy up other companies...

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    Don't feed the Trolls.

    The SEC should investigate, somebody made a ton of money on YHOO.

    The tabloid NY Post has no authority and few readers in NYC, Long Island's Newsday sells More papers in the city.

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    typical for a companys stock to rise like this just before a merger announcement. Look for it to happen w/in the next month I imagine.

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    $50 billion is a tremendous amount!  I think its a dangerous investment since there is alot of duplication in services.  Frankly I have seen alot improvement in MSN/Live over the last month or two..I'd like to see how this plays out.  In the meantime, I would rather see Microsoft invest internally and focus on acquiring add-value companies that will strengthen or fill gaps.

    Internal Investments: Accelerate development of Zune ecosystem, Invest in cost cutting measures for XBox manufacturering,  Develop a toy robot to go along with a vastly simplified version Microsoft Robotics Studio (potential to be killer application and reach a younger customer)

    Partnership Investments: VOIP providers such as Vonage (get connected to IM and Hotmail), PlaceShifter technology companies such as SlingMedia (provide network tuner and extender solution), AudioBook competitors to Audible (to combat exclusivity between iTunes and Audible).

    ..and save the rest of the money for those rainy days.

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