My Dream App makes software the American Idol way

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Have you ever found yourself with a great application idea and nowhere to put it, either because you lack the coding skills or the necessary resources? What someone applied the same format to application development that was used to bring Kelly Clarkson to the world (alright, bad example)? Phillip Ryu and co. have been running My Dream App in essentially the same way, and it’s garnered quite a following in the Mac community. Today is their final round of voting, which is being judged by a panel including our own J Allard.

In an effort to harbor equality between the platforms, occasionally we here at 10 will bring you interesting things from the boys and girls in Cupertino, CA. Here is a case where someone has a truly excellent idea (competitive software design) and given the power to people who will almost certainly become avid users of the winning applications. We like to think of this as a small-scale Imagine Cup, and we think it’s a format the Windows community should jump right into. My Dream *Vista* App anyone?

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    I think this post shows some real integrity on the part of Microsoft, considering how egocentric the new Get a Mac adverts are.


    Yes! My Vista Dream App! Big Smile

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    JD Lewin


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