Natural language search in Vista

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One of the most time-honored traditions for geeks is the setup process of a new machine, and with Vista only days away millions of people are readying themselves for this ceremony. Mike Torres has found one to add to our lists: the Natural Language Search option in Windows Vista.

This brilliant little option gives Vista the ability to understand more human search queries like, "Pictures of Sampy," or "email about nerf weapons from last week." For some reason this little gem is turned off by default, so be sure to get into your control panels and enable it.

The Discussion

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    I agree this should be turned on by default...its a technology area where Microsoft has leadership in and invested heavily.  Is there a stability issue or are OEM PC Manufacturers worried that the CPU hit from this technology makes their systems look slow?  I'm curious what your thoughts are on this.

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    Brandon Paddock

    There are no stability or performance issues with natural-language search.  Suffice to say that it will be enabled by default when we're confident that it provides the best and most predictable experience for everyday Windows users.

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    JD Lewin

    A little mysterious there Brandon. Maybe we'll have to come interview you on the subject and get a little deeper under the covers.

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