Netflix adds new business model: online movie viewing

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The worst kept secret about Netflix, just stepped out into the light. The goal is to distribute rentals over the Internet -- shipping DVDs is only for generating revenue and biding time. This morning Netflix announced the rollout of their immediate viewing feature.

By June all existing Netflix subscribers will have access to the 1,000 titles initially licensed for online viewing, which requires Windows XP and IE. Each user will have somewhere between 6 and 48 hours of online viewing per month depending on their membership agreement.

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The Discussion

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    Hopefully we'll see this integrated into Vista Media Center not long from now.

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    Awesome, I was hoping to hear news like this soon.  Great timing for the announcement in light of the recent "BlockBuster Online vs. NetFlix" commercials.  Being able to drive to the store to get a new movie or just pressing a button on my computer, hmm...

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    That's exactly what I was thinking!

    This should be cool.  Smiley

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    Just like the Media Center comments below... this only gets really interesting to me if it is connected to my TV in some way. Hmm... right now I have a big Netflix subscription that I'm a huge fan of... but I also have the ability to download some movies through the 360's marketplace...

    Media Center integration would work for me, because of the 360, but I barely use my Media Center software at all now, so I'd be using it just for that purpose alone.

    It all needs to get to my TV!

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