Nvidia brings DirectX 10 compliance with 8800 graphics cards

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    Matthew Mushall

    Impressive...most impressive.  However, I am rather dismayed by the PC "arms race" for faster processors and graphics cards that has been raging these past two years.  The constant demand for ever faster and more powerful systems has driven me away from PC gaming and into the loving embrace of my consoles.  I gave up working on PCs a few years back because I couldn't stand that horrible excuse for an operating system known as Windows.  While I still game on my computer from time to time, it's become increasingly difficult with the ever-greater demand for more expensive rigs.  It's no wonder the PC gaming market continues to shrink.  It’s just not worth the cost of upgrading anymore. Sad

    I'm sorry to hear the weather is closing in around you.  It was a damn near perfect weekend here in Jersey.  High 70's and not a cloud in the sky!  Perfect weather for off-roading on my ATV and cruising on my motorcycle. Smiley

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    JD Lewin

    I actually have a relatively different view of the arms race. The benefit of this constant evolution is that if you pick a pricepoint you're comfortable with, you can spend that same amount of money twice a year and always get a significant upgrade.

    For me the console advantage is the simplified ecosystem. The number of steps and the learning curve necessary to play with my other friends across the cloud is a far better experience with a console.

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    I think that's cryin out for Crysys !, those specs do sound fantastic, cannot wait  to get one. LS

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