Photosynth and Seadragon offer a glimpse at the next great UI

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If you’ve seen Minority Report and watched with glee as Tom Cruise effortlessly navigates piles of media with lightning speed using only his hands, you’ll immediately recognize Seadragon. Blaise Aguera y Arcas and the team at Windows Live Labs have created an engine for managing large collections of images effortlessly. Through their own special brand of hot sauce, the team has been able to build software that loads only the pieces of large images that it needs at any moment in time. This breakthrough allows the user to experience their collections of images instantly. By adding Photosynth to the recipe, the team is able to stitch images together and determine the three dimensional space where pictures were taken.

When the power of Seadragon and Photosynth are combined with images from many different sources, the potential applications become very exciting. Fusing the photos of a particular location taken by multiple people, geo-data can be learned as opposed to manually entered. Now if only we could merge these technologies with some gloves with glowing fingers…




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The Discussion

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    This interview offered nothing new compared to the previous one on Channel 9.

    The big question is: when will we be able to create a 3d environment with our own pictures?

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    Chris Allen

    This does look like a very cool application as I was very impressed with it after the first segment 10 ran on it. Now, I'm even more impressed with the overall functionality and will have to try out the tech preview for sure. Thanks for the link!

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    That tech preview is already a couple of months old.

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    Could someone at Channel9 please fix the links to the media files? This was a great interview, but the videos have been missing for over a year now.

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