Ray Ozzie gets it. He’ll make you a believer.

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Yesterday Dominic Watts found an brilliant interview with Ray Ozzie from last week. Like the launch of Windows Live pictured here, the Knowledge@Wharton piece is certainly worth a read or a listen (though the format of one man reading the interview is a bit odd). ROzzie proves that he is very much aware of the trend in software that continues to push more of our experience online. He also shows himself to be grounded in the traditional businesses that have made Microsoft successful. If you’ve put any stock in recent rumblings that Microsoft is irrelevant/dead/boring/clueless, believe us when we tell you that Ray can renew your faith.

Photo credit: Niall Kennedy

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    Great comments Gene_technics. Phones are cool. I was walking down the street yesterday and a person pulled out a cell phone about the size of a deck of cards to use. Right there on the side walk! Not really amazing right? Well I imagine back in the 60’s or 70’s if some one did that it would have been absolutely spectacular at the time. And now look, every one does it. Ray Ozzie seams to be describing something that will be just as spectacular. I don’t know how it will manifest itself exactly but I can imagine based on some of the things currently around me. Dilatable technology along with capacious computing power will open up things we have yet to see.  

    Imagine accessing copious amounts of information with out restraint to accessibility. Some day using your home or business pc along with All its applications will be as easy as it was for the person on the street to make a phone call, from any place, any time.  And don’t worry, you won’t be left to squinting at some small hand held display and buttons difficult to navigate. Ubiquitous doesn’t even begin to describe where things are going to go…

    phones are cool =)

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    THE FIRST SCREEN! and for good ness sakes, banners? be creative, what about sound, video and games. Advertising is as much entertainment as any thing. its in the Content.

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    JD Lewin

    We're seeing SideShow implemented into existing portables, which is somewhat interesting. The ability to listen to the music in your machine or check your next appointment while the machine sleeps can be useful.

    Implementing SideShow on mobile devices will probably take a while longer, as the costs of energy and parts is higher. That said, we could certainly benefit from some flip-phone form factors that run WM6, where you could push specific types of data to the secondary display.

    I'm personally frightened by any technology for which the motivation is a new place to push adverts, simply because they aren't smart enough yet. Once you have accurate, targeted offerings (using a mobile device's content, user profile, and location data) then you can show me ads.

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