Ricavision Fridge Magnet with SideShow built in

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    There are three cool looking products at that link, all sideshow based... but they all look just like rendered images to me. Good to hear they had an actual physical demo at WinHEC, but I still wonder if all of these products are going to make it for sale anytime soon.

    I'm also bummed out that my fridge doesn't work with magnets, something about the aluminum looking face Smiley

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    JD Lewin

    Your inferior food storage device notwithstanding Duncan, I think we desperately need more connectivity close to our food. And while I am aware that most of Ricavision's products are dangerously close to vaporware, that won't stop me from heaping praise on them yet.

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    Alastair Maggs

    Yeah, these are cool.

    I'm writing an article at the moment about the 'digital home' (pulling in Vista, Windows Live, Xbox 360, Windows Mobile and the Live Call phones) and these would make a neat addition.

    Both cool and useful.  I'm surprised not to have heard of more Sideshow applications already - it's quite a neat technology.

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    you could just attach a real metal plate to your aluminium fridge... maybe nail it or something. i am, by the way also really interested in the release date and pricetag on this. hopefully affordable.

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    Matthew Mushall

    Put it on Tina's fridge, then do video segment about it.  Any excuse to put Tina in a segment is fine by me. Smiley

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