South by Southwest puts Austin in its place

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    This years SXSW was by far one of the best ever on so many different levels. If you've never been I highly recommend attending next year. Dan Rather speaking during the interactive portion was of my fav's.

    As for the music portion where to start?

    Public Enemy playing for free at Auditorium shores is probably #1

    DJ Revolution @ the Childrens Art Museum another free show and free Heiniken all night long was nice.

    Bloc Party @ Stubbs

    Sorry that I missed RJD2 as well as CMON and Kypski among others. There was just so many great events this year that it was hard to catch them all even if you made out a list. I remember I was texting my dj friends on Sat and it was basically like this:

    scratchex: where you guys at?
    X: we're at the free scion event
    Scratchex: omw

    Y: where you at?
    Scratchex: scion, heading to fader!

    X: we're heading to Mastadon on Town Lake it's free!
    Scratchex: sonuva OMW!!!

    Y: where you at now?
    Scratchex: mastadon, meet us at Plush afterwards, Table manners Crew is playing for free!
    Y: Oh hells yeah! we're at Lucky Lounge having drinks...we're OTW.

    That was just 1 day of the madness so for you folks that have never been I highly recommend you attend SXSW 08, you'll have a blast! I know I did.

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