Star Wars series Mimoco flash drives begin with Vader

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Contrary to the promise of our friends from Stanford, the network doesn’t always give us what we need. Almost daily we find a need for some quick handheld digital storage, and naturally rather than the generic branded swag, we want have something cute/geeky. Mimoco has a great track record for providing such adorable flash drives, but now they’ve really upped the ante.

Starting with everyone’s favorite Dark Lord of the Sith, Mimoco presents their Star Wars series flash drives. As with their previous offerings, Vader is available in 1GB ($US80), 2GB ($US120), and 4GB ($US170) capacities. Even better is this Jedi of file sharing is the first of four in the series. Go and preorder Anakin now, and he’ll help you usher in 2007 in style.

(via Gizmodo)

The Discussion

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    My helmet! NNnnnoooooo!

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    Those look cool - im getting one. LS

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    Ted Bracewell

    The flash drive just became a lot more interesting to me. My Xbox Live handle is TEDAKIN.... Tedakin = Anakin with Ted jammed in Smiley But why does Vader have those 2 Batman ears?

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    Clint Comer

    Kick *. I'm due for a new thumb drive. As long as it comes in 4 gigs I'm happy.

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