T-Mobile launches Dash Q-Killer with My Faves support

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There’s nothing we lust after more than electronics we can fit into our pockets; they exude a cool factor that is more pervasive than most of the things we squander our money on. HTC has long been providing fabulous Windows Mobile handsets, both in the Smartphone and Pocket PC varieties, and their newest stateside release is no exception.

Branded as the T-Mobile Dash, this Smartphone packs quad-band EDGE, WiFi, and Bluetooth (with A2DP) into a qwerty form factor more that is arguably more attractive and more addictive than the Motorola Q. To top it all off, the Dash also supports T-Mobile’s new My Faves service. Once signed up for an appropriate service plan, you can select your 5 most-called US numbers and scratch them off your bill.

While some of us around the 10 reservation can’t imagine losing the uber-functionality of a Pocket PC, the Dash makes a strong argument for the benefits of a more svelte WinMo device. Your friendly neighborhood T-Mobile shop should have them by October 25th. Also be sure to check out Phonescoop and Engadget for more hands-on opinion.

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    Looks nice! I recently got a T-Mobile Pearl which is sooo sweet. Yes, I am a Crackberry addict. Unfortunately, T-Mobile's coverage is really spotty while AT&T and Verizon have much better coverage in this area, especially in this building. I'm just waiting for the next-gen phones which will be a blackberry/pda/smartphone combo. I hope.

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    Matthew Mushall

    BONG!  This is totally sweet!  I jumped on the T-Mobile bandwagen when the N-Gage was released a few years ago.  While I seldom use it anymore, I still swap my SIM card out of my RAZR and put it in my N-Gage for long distance journies when I crave some good portable gaming.  Surprisingly, My N-gage has held up better than the three other phones I owned before and after it.  My RAZR is on its way out now - external screen no longer works and battery life is declining rapidly.  I'm in the market for a new phone and this looks wicked.  I've been curious to try out a windows mobile phone...and this might be the way to go.  Thanks, Jesse.

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    Clint Comer

    About time T-Mobile dropped something better than the dumb * black berry. I want a treo so bad but too hard to get one on their network. This sounds like the perfect alternative.

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