T-Mobile launches Dash Q-Killer with My Faves support

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    Looks nice! I recently got a T-Mobile Pearl which is sooo sweet. Yes, I am a Crackberry addict. Unfortunately, T-Mobile's coverage is really spotty while AT&T and Verizon have much better coverage in this area, especially in this building. I'm just waiting for the next-gen phones which will be a blackberry/pda/smartphone combo. I hope.

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    Matthew Mushall

    BONG!  This is totally sweet!  I jumped on the T-Mobile bandwagen when the N-Gage was released a few years ago.  While I seldom use it anymore, I still swap my SIM card out of my RAZR and put it in my N-Gage for long distance journies when I crave some good portable gaming.  Surprisingly, My N-gage has held up better than the three other phones I owned before and after it.  My RAZR is on its way out now - external screen no longer works and battery life is declining rapidly.  I'm in the market for a new phone and this looks wicked.  I've been curious to try out a windows mobile phone...and this might be the way to go.  Thanks, Jesse.

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    Clint Comer

    About time T-Mobile dropped something better than the dumb * black berry. I want a treo so bad but too hard to get one on their network. This sounds like the perfect alternative.

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