The Samsung BlackJack for Cingular: QWERTY keyboard and 3G music downloads in your pocket

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This Wednesday the 16th, scrape together two hundred stones and make a b-line for your local Cingular shop to be one of the first to hold the Cingular BlackJack in your hands. Gaze into it's large QVGA display, marvel at it's svelte design, and let your fingers dance across its full QWERTY keyboard.


The BlackJack will also get you connected to the new Cingular Music subscription service, as well as Cingular Video (for those of us who can't live without specialized HBO streaming content). For some of us at 10 though the XM Radio Mobile service is the more appealing idea. For those of you kids who were 'Q cool for school', this is your upgrade path. Our good friends at Phonescoop have previewed the BlackJack for your betterment as well.

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    This is very timely for me... I was just looking at Cingular's phones a couple of days ago and none of them jumped out at me. I have a Q now and they didn't seem to have anything comparable. Guess I just had to wait a bit Smiley

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