Tribewanted: Social networks meet tropical islands. Lost...on purpose

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We've spent our share of time on social network sites over the years. Friendster, Orkut, Myspace, all of which essentially brought us the same level of entertainment; toying around with a gagel of geeks in a race to get every member of the Spice Girls on our friends list. Thankfully someone has taken the online social network and added back the important part--the real world.

Tribewanted has begun over this past weekend (even though the site has been brewing for almost six months now). Members of this online community are citizens of Vorovo, the name given to an island the founders have leased from the government of Fiji. From the comfort of our keyboards we can vote on who will be our tribal leaders and construction projects. Then once we've cashed out our Lindens, it's off to the serene tropical paradise where everyone has the same avatar; grass skirts and sunscreen.



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