Veteran Mac user moves to Vista

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    Apple needs to get an iLife really bad.

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    Barry Hawkey

    Well, that seemed unnecessarily accusatory.

    Especially when the writer closed out his article with:

    "All told, I found myself so attracted to Vista based on my switch to the test unit that I was ready and willing to lay down cash to find the ultimate Vista machine."

    He also explains that he switched from his Vista machine to a brand new Mac not because it was better, but "Because it is new. Because I am naturally curious about most things tech, and not only because it’s my job."

    The only use of emphasis in the entire article is when the author states that "I’m enormously impressed with Windows Vista." 

    But you've ignored all that.  Could you be one of those Mac "religious zealots" that he warns us about, in the beginning of his article?  Wasn't your post a kneejerk response to perceived criticism of your beloved brand?  Mactard.

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    Todd, you seem to ignore that the author basically spends the entire article praising Vista, often saying it is better than OS X... and then only switches back because he is more familiar with OS X (and because if he wants to run Vista, a Mac can do that for him).

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    The sponsored ad on techmeme and the excerpt above imply that the reporter switched to Vista.  This story on this page is titled "Veteran Mac user moves to Vista."

    The reporter actually didn't do that.  Nothing in the sponsored ad or the excerpt comes close to explaining that.

    So I'm not sure what you're so worked up about.  The ad on techmeme and this excerpt are misleading.  I don't see how any rational person can read the article and not conclude that.

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    Dennis E. Hamilton

    I notice that the same headline is the one used by MSNBC.  And the story ends, as already quoted, by John peaceful and satisfied after returning to his Mac.  So I wouldn't get all gushy about this one, folks.

    At the same time, the rundown on Windows Vista features (with many kudos to Media Center and MediaPlayer) and experiences with three different machines is very helpful. 

    And he does have an XBox 360 that he really uses.  Maybe that's the story?

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    Dennis E. Hamilton

    "And then it hit me, the reason why I switched from Mac to Windows Vista. Because it is new. "

    You misread this.  He is saying that it was the newness that was inviting about Vista, not the Mac.  And he didn't plunk down the cash because he doesn't like laptops that have vents on the bottom and run hot on the user.

    Still, he gives a good appraisal about what he found to like in Vista.

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