Vista How-To: Publicly sharing your media library

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While there seems to be a new social networking web site/service every week, it’s important to remember that publicly-shared music collections are the original gangster in the game of meeting fellow keyboard jockeys. Look over the shoulder of any college student, and you’ll find that every student with spare disk space has titled their collections with their screen name and room number. Windows Media Player does enable this glorious functionality, but as always the right switches to flip can sometimes be hard to find.

The Media Sharing window can be found either in Library->Media Sharing from within Media Player, under Sharing and Discovery in the Network and Sharing Center (yes we know that’s a mouthful). Once you’re there, be sure to hit the Settings button, where you can name your collection appropriately and specify what types of media are made available. Be sure to check the Allow new devices… checkbox, as this is the difference between being an inviting member of the ear-goggles society.

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