WPF: Monitoring operations at Zürich Airport

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The Zürich Airport operations application is the best combination of cool and useful we’ve seen in a WPF app bar none. As opposed to the mind-numbing list of flight numbers and single-word status indicators, airport operators can now understand the data critical to a smooth-functioning transit hub in a visual and hugely powerful way. Both the private app and this public demo show the GPS location of every plane, as well as gradients to indicate how full each of the parking structures are. Surf over to Tim Sneath’s blog post for more, or if you’re feeling adventurous, fly into Zürich and know that you’re a part of a beautiful thing.

The Discussion

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    Couldn't this possibly help terrorist? You know, making it public on the web, so that they can use it to mark places for attacks and stuff? I'm not exactly sure this is a good idea to put on the web.

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    John Ericson

    The public version doesn't use real-time data for the airplane positions. It uses earlier recorded data so I think it's safe.

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    JD Lewin

    Exactly right. This public version is running on a small sample of historical data.

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    What can I do to install 

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