When in need the Snipping Tool captures your pixels

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The Snipping Tool has got to be one of the most indispensible additions to Windows, and yet many people aren’t even aware of its existence. Sitting quietly in the Accessories folder, you’d hardly know it has become one of the most prized tools in this blogger’s kit. There are only sparse options for how Mr. Snip does his work, but the important part is that he’s always there, ready to capture anything, from your entire display down to whatever free-form shape you need to trace. By far, our favorite option must be having our selected chunk of screen instantly copied to the clipboard for quick insertion into say, a text post on 10!

The Discussion

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    I can't seem to find it? I'm running vista home basic, I'm guessing its not in this version of vista?

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    Lord Zimbu

    It's  is in there, try searching in the start menu for snippet.

    It is actually an extremely useful tool. Found it months ago while reviewing VIsta while it was still in Beta.

    I'd like to see an evolution of this though, that can capture not just images but short videos (in terms of creating tutorials for when you're trying to help someone (who is refusing remote assistance)).

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