Windows Vista is RTM. A new era of desktop computing is upon us.

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That's right kids, Windows Vista is a done deal. Dinner's ready, locked and loaded, our body finally cashed the check our ego wrote. Microsoft Windows Czar Jim "Who loves you baby" Allchin is at this moment hosting the teleconference to spread the good word (though with all these blogs and feeds, you wonder why we need oldfangled things like press releases). True to his nickname, Mr. Allchin sat down with Charles Torre to discuss Vista's completion on Channel 9. Also be sure to read the post from the Windows Vista team blog.

This January the masses will finally get their hands on the real thing. The fastest-installing, most-tested, and certainly the largest undertaking by Microsoft will be yours to take home and experience. We've only got one question at this point: What's next?

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    Next is SP1

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    Cannot wait to experience DX10, and the new interface options, i also hope the security is tighter, i understand that Microsoft is now hosting conventions for hackers, plying them with booze in order to gain secrets, i wonder if this has helped their new operating system. LS:)

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