Xbox 360 software updates. Chat keypad coming for summer.

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    Lord Zimbu

    Now add a Zune 2.0 with a larger screen to the top, with access to XBLVM and XBLA.. and you have an Xbox platform mobile at long last.

    Just trim down the size of the 360 wireles controller so it can fit in your pocket (about the size of a PSP), remove the battery pack from the 360 wireless controller and have it tap power from the Zune 2.0. Or just reshape the AA cells for something that fits flush with the controllers back side so it isn't so bulbous and ungainly.


    Love the modular approach. But the price is going to be a slap in the face isn't it?


    Not worth purchase @ anything over 12USD until some XBLA killer app comes along, like bookworm or something similar.

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    JD Lewin

    I think there's legitimate value in the keypad, as it will break IM out from behind the desk. Juggling a portable machine and an Xbox controller from the couch just so you can chat and play can be a bit complex. Also, being online when someone comes looking for me and getting that notification on my couch, with my TV, and through my stereo, can be really useful.

    I hadn't seen any pricing details as of yesterday. Have you got a link or is 24.99 just an estimate?

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    Lord Zimbu

    24.99-34.99 is a cheap 'guess'timate, wishful thinking. Given the focus MS has on overpricing attachments and peripherals and the bundled headset it should cost even more.  

    In that case I'd want a HUD to keep my TV screen clear. Instead of providing you with another heaset it should have a full fledged HUD attachment. (640*360 resolution, with visualizers for music, achievement and Live contact toasts, and video streams from Live Vision cameras of people you're talking to.)

    If that is my 360 was functional so I could benefit either way.. *cry.

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