Xbox Live Pipeline puts Marketplace navigation in the browser

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Occasionally we aren’t on the couch in front of our Xbox 360 (for serious you guys), but that doesn’t mean we aren’t thinking about all of that gaming goodness. Naturally we crave a way to interact with the Xbox Live community when while we’re away. The Xbox Live Pipeline has launched to try and help us window shop while away from our controllers.

Keep in mind this isn’t the promised land. The Pipeline won’t let us buy anything or queue downloads to our consoles back home. What it will do as Duncan points out, is make searching for themes, gamer pics, and other content much easier to find. It will probably get rolled into at some point in the future, once the dream of Live Anywhere becomes reality. For now though, go forth and spend hours deciding what to play with when you’re back on the couch.

The Discussion

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    Rich Cutter

    I was really excited when I heard about this site. It's awesome how it lists everything that's available, but one big problem is that you can't see what the gamerpics and themes look like. That's one of the biggest problems with the Marketplace is that you don't know what you're buying sometimes. Many times there's no preview of the gamerpics and themes. If those were included, this site would be awesome.

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    I heard that they are going to keep updating it and put pictures of everything so that you know what you're buying before you do. I hope they do, cause that would make this awesome!

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