Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 : Report Wizard with John O'Donnell

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    Aarya Vasu
    Thanks for this post.. quite helpful.
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    Hi, thanks for this post... very help ful.. I can make this work.

    But I can't make a report that sum the amount in qoutes and salesoppotunity....


    I just wan't a simpel report that sum all my qoutes and one that sum all salesoppootunity.... if possible... 0>30days and 30> days plus....



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    I get this error:

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    Thanks for this post
    Do you have other kind of post for other CRM functionnalities, sales marketing services or order ... I'm getting starting with MS CRM

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    I am new to CRM report. I am working on the project that needs open a new report in report viewer window from a CRM report via 'Go to Url' setting. I was unable to pass in any params to the new CRM report via url. Any insight would be much appreciated.

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