Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio, Cars and Home Automation with Stacy Harris and John Mullinax

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Robotic technologies can be applied to many aspects of our lives including some that may not seem as obvious. We have all seen scifi movies where there are many robots running around assisting in our daily lives of the future. However what about now? In this video Stacy Harris and John Mullinax talk about adding robotic systems to both a car and even for home automation. You can read more about Stacy's adventures in using Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio to add new control options to his home

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The Discussion

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    At least from a home automation standpoint, it would be great to have a whitepaper on how to run/leverage this on a Windows Home Server.

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    I'l try to put a whitepaper together on the Home Automation aspect soon. I need to update the CodePlex project as well with some changes I've made as I learned. In the meantime, this article will give a background for people who haven't seen it: And the .NET Rocks! interview referenced in the above post is a good intorduction as well. - Stacy

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