MS Virtual Labs: The New WPF Designer And WPF WinForms Interoperatbility

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The WPF designer in Visual Studio 2008 has been radically improved from the one that found its way into Visual Studio 2005 following the release of .NET 3.0. Capable and intuitive, the designer allows developers to accomplish many tasks through graphical manipulation, whereas before nearly everything had to be done by hand-coding XAML. Productivity takes a huge step forward with the time saved using the new WPF designer.

Doubtless many organizations will have existing Windows Forms applications and controls that they’ll want to continue to use. Fortunately, they can leverage the power of WPF and still protect their existing investments with WPF/Windows Forms interoperability. This technology allows WPF applications to host Windows Forms controls, and Windows Forms applications to host WPF content.

The purpose of this demo/lab is to showcase the features of the WPF designer and basic WinForms interoperability. The demonstration covers the following topics:

• The WPF Designer
• The WindowsFormsHost control

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