Jobs -What do tech companies owe students?

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    Yeah I know trackbacks are anoying, but it was a way to test it out

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    We don't owe students anything. If they want a job, they can get it the way everyone else gets it. By being outstanding, looking for a while, and start from the bottom.
    That's my main problem with the bottom of the barrel, the Chubb graduates. They're being brainwashed into thinking they're the shiznit, and come to an interview with 18 months of theoretical 'experience' acting like I should be honored to have them working for me. Excuse me, but F that.
    If companies have a college hire program, that's great, mostly, as long as the hiring process is fair, and really taps into the skills and talents of the graduate, whether technical or not. Employees should have employee skills, contractors should have technical skills.

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    That is only true if the available talent pool is greater than the number of companies looking to hire.  If there are more companies looking than there are students at the top of the barrel, the companies have a choice: take someone from the bottom of the barrel, or make the barrel bigger.

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