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Jon talks to David Ebbo about the T4MVC, a T4 Template For ASP.NET MVC.

T4MVC is a T4 template for ASP.NET MVC apps that creates strongly typed helpers, which eliminate the use of literal strings when referring the controllers, actions, and views. It helps make your MVC code much more maintainable, and gives you intellisense where you normally would not have any.





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The Discussion

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    I have been using T4MVC a long time now. Love it !

    Good thing that the Channel9 is making people more aware of it.

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    Excellent Video. Having started MVC recently, I wasn't aware of it. I wish this becomes part of MVC 3!

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    I've found myself using T4 more and more these days, it's a great tool.  Anyone know if there is a good online repository for T4 scripts?

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    Very good VS Addin, Thanks!


    Eelco @ sEVen Software

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    Go HTML5 please!

    Your video doesn't play on mac, it asks for silverlight regardless if it's installed or not.
    Firefox 3.6.10 / Safari 5.0.2
    Silverlight Plug-In
    File: Silverlight.pluginVersion: 4.0.50401.0 4.0.50401.0

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    jason goh

    After 3 weeks learning & working with MVC 2, i almost want to give up due to the confusing source code, until i saw this tool. Brilliant, David!!!!
    Microsoft should hire u! ;)

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    Trying to pull this into a MVC3 project and getting blank output file for T4MVC.cs.  There are no errors or warnings I can find to point me at the issue to fix.  Any suggestions?

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    @Rajczi:Looks like there is an issue with the GetMvcVersion function.  If I hard code it to return 3, it generates the classes.

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    Strongly type-ing is king!

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