Jon Takes Five with David Ebbo on T4MVC

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The Discussion

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    I have been using T4MVC a long time now. Love it !

    Good thing that the Channel9 is making people more aware of it.

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    Excellent Video. Having started MVC recently, I wasn't aware of it. I wish this becomes part of MVC 3!

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    I've found myself using T4 more and more these days, it's a great tool.  Anyone know if there is a good online repository for T4 scripts?

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    Very good VS Addin, Thanks!


    Eelco @ sEVen Software

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    Go HTML5 please!

    Your video doesn't play on mac, it asks for silverlight regardless if it's installed or not.
    Firefox 3.6.10 / Safari 5.0.2
    Silverlight Plug-In
    File: Silverlight.pluginVersion: 4.0.50401.0 4.0.50401.0

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    jason goh

    After 3 weeks learning & working with MVC 2, i almost want to give up due to the confusing source code, until i saw this tool. Brilliant, David!!!!
    Microsoft should hire u! ;)

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    Trying to pull this into a MVC3 project and getting blank output file for T4MVC.cs.  There are no errors or warnings I can find to point me at the issue to fix.  Any suggestions?

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    @Rajczi:Looks like there is an issue with the GetMvcVersion function.  If I hard code it to return 3, it generates the classes.

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    Strongly type-ing is king!

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