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<disclaimer>I'm posting this on behalf of Dublin Alt.Net and have made no edits of my own. Smiley Well, other than this disclaimer... </disclaimer>

Bart de Smet was in Dublin to talk about the Rx Framework in an event organised by Microsoft and Dublin Alt.Net. In this video Bart shares some of thinking behind the Rx and how it can be leveraged to solve common obstacles that we have all run into when doing asynchronous programming. The presentation walks us through how observables are based on the inverse of the existing IEnumerable interface. From this starting point Bart goes through some practical examples of using the various operators to keep your program's UI responsive while handling streams of data.

At Dublin Alt.Net we organize monthly meetings where we discuss issues that interest us in a loose, informal discussion-style environment. All software developers of every stripe are hereby extended an invitation to participate in the discussion or just come and see what all this Alt.Net stuff is about.



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The Discussion

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    You had me until 1hr 47min when discussing the need to changing to switch, then my head exploded. So coming back to basics I can potentially foresee using this for something like a WPF masked input box/control. I've seen and read enough of the theory and also tried some very simple examples, but until I can see some actual problem solving solutions, the mental humps of "you need to use the form thread, plus having the right race condition avoiding method and still have it composable" stop me from taking it on proper.
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    I d say you should have a look at some of the code starting to show up on the OSS land. One that sounds really interesting is ReactiveUI, in their own definition: "An MVVM framework that integrates the reactive extensions framework" I m sure there s loads more.

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