Azure SQL Temporal Tables with RockStep Solutions

Play Azure SQL Temporal Tables with RockStep Solutions
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Join [RockStep Solutions]( as they talk about how they used [Azure SQL Temporal Tables]( in their flag ship product [Climb](  Azure SQL Temporal tables is a feature of [Azure SQL Database]( that allows you to track the full history of changes in critical data without the need for custom coding.  Abigail Ames and Jay Taplin of Rockstep solutions talk about why they chose Temporal Tables, how they implemented it with Entity Framework Code First, and the advantages of choosing Temporal Tables over coding the solution themselves.

[01:43] What are Temporal Tables?

[03:09] Using Temporal Tables in Climb

[05:52] Implementing Temporal Tables

[12:28] SQL Auditing v.s. Temporal Tables

[14:40] More about RockStep Solutions



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