Setting up Project Oxford for Python on Windows

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This is a part of three video series.  The other videos are Introduction to Project Oxford Machine Learning API's and Configuring GitHub Continuous Deployment on Azure with Project Oxford Application.

Get Started creating more engaging and personal applications using Project Oxford.  This video is the second in a series that will introduce you to Project Oxford.  In this video you will learn how to get the project running on your local machine so you can test and develop.  You will learn how to set Environment Variables and how to work with Python's Virtual Environment.

The example project that is used in the series is located at
If you prefer Node.js I have a made a similar project located at

[00:24] Get your Project Oxford Key

[00:52] Cloning the Sample Application

[01:44] Creating a Python Virtual Environment

[03:53] Setting the Environment Variable

[05:30] Running the project locally

[06:51] Code overview

You can always find more information at my blog at As always, I welcome feedback in the comments or on Twitter at @aspenwilder.



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