Custom Gestures End to End with Kinect and Visual Gesture Builder

Play Custom Gestures End to End with Kinect and Visual Gesture Builder
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In this video (part 1 of 2) we walk thru end-to-end how to create custom Kinect gestures using Visual Gesture Builder.  We discuss why you would want to use a machine learning approach to custom gesture creation and then walk through in depth all the various components of creating the gesture: recording and tagging clips, previewing the gesture, and how to call the created gesture from code.

Part 2 can be found here.

Detailed timeline:

[00:01:32] - Overview of the video
[00:02:23] - Detection:  Heuristic vs. Machine Learning
[00:05:43] - Kinect Studio (Recordable Data Sources and Recording Clips)
[00:10:20] - How & Why to Record in Raw Format
[00:16:51] - Converting Raw Clips with KSConvert.exe
[00:21:03] - Recordable Data Sources
[00:23:17] - Introduction to Visual Gesture Builder
[00:25:30] - Creating a New Gesture Using the Wizard
[00:35:15] - Adding & Tagging Clips
[00:45:34] - Building the Gesture Database File
[00:46:10] - Explanation of Build Steps & Process
[00:52:50] - Testing the Custom Gesture
[00:56:34] - Live Preview of Custom Gesture
[00:58:40] - Summary of Visual Gesture Builder
[00:59:40] - Visual Gesture Builder Process Flow Chart
[01:01:35] - Developer Sample:  Discrete Gesture Basics
[01:04:03] - Code Walk-thru:  Discrete Gesture Basics
[01:17:54] - Kinect Resources


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The Discussion

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    Great video guys. It really helps when the developers explain things. Watching for 1 hour will undoubtedly save me many hours coding.

    NOTE: For anyone interested, I have re-programmed a lot of the DiscreteGestureBasics sample code as VB.NET rather than C#, but I'm not sure where to post the code for others to re-use.

    Update - OK guys, so I've published my code on MSDN for all to benefit [H]  Here's the link:

    Kinect v2 SDK Sample Code re-worked in VB.NET (skeleton & gestures)

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    I'm trying this tutorial but I can not build with the preview version of gesture visual builder. Do I need to purchase this program and where can I buy this? Thank you.

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