Custom Gestures End to End with Kinect and Visual Gesture Builder (part 2)

Play Custom Gestures End to End with Kinect and Visual Gesture Builder (part 2)
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In this video (part 2 of 2) we build on what we did in part 1.

Part 1 covered discrete gestures.  Part 2 gets into continuous gestures and how to create them.  Further, we teach you how to save time in your tagging by making use of VGB's auto-tagging feature.  Finally, there are some overall tips & tricks shared.

Detailed timeline:

[00:00:30] - Overview of the video
[00:02:06] - Differences Between Discrete and Continuous Gestures
[00:04:37] - Demo:  Creating Continuous Gestures
[00:05:07] - Live Preview of Steering Gesture
[00:08:40] - Explanation of VGB Solution and Projects
[00:11:00] - Explanation of Building at Solution vs. Project Level
[00:12:31] - Sit Progress Gesture: Explanation and How-To
[00:18:40] - Tagging the Progress Gesture
[00:21:00] - Introduction to Auto-Tagging
[00:26:20] - Importance of Renaming Kinect Studio Clips
[00:28:28] - Auto-Tagging Continuous Gestures (Using Discrete Gestures)
[00:37:50] - Auto-Tagging Discrete Gestures
[00:44:20] - Verifying and Tweaking Results from Auto-Tagging
[00:48:08] - Training Tips and Techniques
[00:54:05] - Verification of Clips to Ensure Body Tracking Working
[00:58:47] - Kinect Resources


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The Discussion

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    A great follow-up to the first video. Some great time-saving tips for Visual Gesture Builder when tagging clips for discrete and continuous gestures (using the auto-tag features and keyboard shortcuts).

    All in all very helpful - many thanks guys for taking the time to produce the videos.

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