Workflow Between Expression Interactive Designer and Graphic Designer

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How would you like to create assets in Graphic Designer and apply them to your WPF applications in Expression Interactive Designer without ever touching a line of XAML?  With some new features in the May 2006 CTPs of EGD and EID, you can do this.  This screencast shows you how it can be done. (Note -- the screencast seems to hide the dialog that appears when you apply a resource, but if you are following along w/ EID, it will make sense.)

Another thing you may not realize: you can cut/paste from Adobe Illustrator into EGD, which isn't lossless, but is pretty good.





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    what is this screencast format & why is channel9 not using a standard mpeg4/isma format? very annoying that on a COMMUNICATION platform (c9) that ms cant even manage to do the basics correctly. surprise?!?

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