How about a SAN for your music collection?

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Microsoft has made some recent bets on storage management.  That is good news for me for a variety of reasons.  First, it offers a glimpse of my HDTV future.  What?  Yes, you read that correctly.  I’ll get to the explanation in a little bit.  Second, it means our customers will have a broader range of storage support in Microsoft products. 

One of the recent acquisitions we made was from String Bean Software.  We acquired their WinTarget iSCSI Target software.  I don’t know all of the details of the contract so I can’t cite the terms.  The acquisition brings some fascinating technology to the Windows platform.  With any luck, we’ll see the iSCSI Target code show up in all of the Microsoft server products.  I have my fingers crossed for a home server so I can record HDTV until the cows come home.

See for a detailed explanation of the new Microsoft storage technologies.

There are two screencast demos that go with the above blog posting. 

See mms:// for the first demo on the Storage Manager for SANS console.

See mms:// for the detailed iSCSI and iSNS demo.

Keep in mind iSCSI is in Windows Vista and opens the door for some interesting MCE and home SAN solutions.  Tongue Out

I have also linked the iSCSI demo to this post.

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